The wisdom of contemplation speaks softly through every word of this dialogue. Such a beautiful and simple discussion of dissolving duality with unconditional love, thank you!The sun and rain fall on us equally whether we’re a rogue or a saint. Identifying with being a “good person” can sometimes keep us trapped in the “us v them” thinking that slams our hearts shut, as you said so eloquently.

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It was beautiful how the discussion on duality, of separateness and the enemy within was presented in the form of a deductive dialogue. Thank you for the distinctions in prayer - one outward and one inward. I always imagine even the most evil of human beings as babies once, like us they were born into this world - what made them who they are? Could curiosity which leads to understanding of others be the path to love rooted in the Absolute? For unconditional love doesn’t just grow on trees. Perhaps it’s up to us to bring it forth using the proper gardening practices. Your conversation did just that for me - it gave me tools to use and places in my mind and heart to visit. I look forward to more of your conversations! Thank you!

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Mark- I am still making my way through the podcast, but this is an excellent discussion. We certainly need many more like this. Yours is exemplary.

It is interesting to hear your insights from practicing Systema which resonates from my own practice of Aikido as a younger man. The goal of *protecting* those who seek us harm is paramount. The very mind that attacks others is already amiss. They know not what they do. It is a response wholly other than the heroic one of self-righteously destroying the enemy--often reinforced by popular culture. Not any easy task, to say the least.

Profound discussion. Thank you. I look forward to hearing more of this conversation.


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